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FULL FILMS/TV PROGRAMS (Currently available for viewing online)
“Their Finest Hour” – NBC Olympics, w/ Tom Brokaw
“The Sultan and The Saint” – PBS Docudrama
“Coma: The Silent Epidemic” – Discovery Channel
“The Human Spark” – Alan Alda Three-Part Series
“A Force More Powerful” – PBS Special
“Bonhoeffer” – PBS
“Footsteps of a Bear” – Discovery Channel
“The Real Adam Smith” – PBS
“Walter Cronkite – Witness To History”
“A More or Less Perfect Union” – PBS
“Gateway To Auschwitz” – Film for Auschwitz Museum in Auschwitz, Poland
“Albert Schweitzer: Called To Africa”
“The Chaplains” – 2-hour PBS Special
“The Bill of Rights” – National Archives
“Autism Is A World” – Nominated for Academy Award
“The Power of Forgiveness”
“Egypt: Revolution Interrupted”
“John Marshall: The Man Who Made The Supreme Court” – Amazon Prime
“Monumental Arizona”
“The Adventists” – PBS
“The Adventists 2” – PBS sequel
“Korean War Stories” – PBS National Emmy Winner
“Liberty and Slavery” – PBS
“Bringing Down A Dictator” – PBS
“We Heard The Bells” – PBS Special
“Betty Ford: The Real Deal” – MacNeal Lehrer Productions
“India Awakes” – PBS
“Confronting The Truth” – PBS
“Measure Of A Man – Booker T. Washington” US Park Service
“Going The Distance – Journeys of Recovery” – PBS
Boston College – “Light The Flame”
“Exploring Space: The Quest for Life” – PBS Series
“Pets: Part of the Family” – 13 part series
“Chicago From The Air” – WTTW
“Suffer No Fools” – PBS
“Water Blues, Green Solutions”
“USO: For Those Who Serve” (Short Promo Film)
“The Secret Life of Whitetails”
“Birth Of A Colony” – PBS
“Mystery of the Megavolcano” – PBS NOVA
“Ben Gurion – Epilog” – History Channel
“The Retirement Revolution” – PBS/WTTW Series
“Rescue In The Philippines” – PBS
“Supersonic Dream” – PBS NOVA
“Water’s Journey – 2 Hour Special” – PBS
“Code Blue: Lung Cancer” – Amazon Prime
“In Principle” – WETA Weekly News Program
“Testing Hope: Life In South Africa”
“Confronting The Truth” – PBS
“Bringing Down A Dictator” – PBS
“Over Alaska” – PBS – Emmy for Best Original Music
Veggie Tales “Tuba Warrior”
“The Other Holy Land” – History Channel
“Volcano Under The City” – PBS NOVA
“Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton”
“Hidden Secrets of Florida Springs – A&E”
“Deadly Assent” – PBS Nova
“Heaven On Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism in America” – PBS
“The American Creed” – Hallmark Channel
“Murder For Hire” – Discovery Channel
“In Pursuit of Paul”- Our Daily Bread
“President Kennedy Has Been Shot” – CNN Films
“Biltmore: Across Generations”