Project Description

John Marshall – The Man Who Made The Supreme Court

Ok, I’ll admit it. Composing “classical-style” music may not be my strongest suit. But when given the chance to score a new two and a half hour film about John Marshall for Amazon Prime, I jumped at the chance! Marshall turns out to have been a fascinating character in US History, full of paradoxes and mysteries, and is a story that’s incredibly appropriate for today’s political climate.

The emotional ups and downs of this story gave me a chance to compose “classical” music (as well as other styles) in a number of different moods. In addition to the montage of the score, you can also some individual music cues, using the links below.

So take a listen when you get a chance, and let me know – was I able to pull the “semi-classical” style off?

Thanks – and enjoy!


Montage of Music Score:

Opening Theme (shortened)

“Students Study Marshall”

“The Long Wait”

“Marshall’s Anger”

“The Morning After”