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John Marshall – The Man Who Made The Supreme Court

Ok, I’ll admit it. Composing “classical-style” music may not be my strongest suit. But when given the chance to score a new two and a half hour film about John Marshall for Amazon Prime, I jumped at the chance! Marshall turns out to have been a fascinating character in US History, full of paradoxes and mysteries, and is a story that’s incredibly appropriate for today’s political climate.

The emotional ups and downs of this story gave me a chance to compose “classical” music (as well as other styles) in a number of different moods. In addition to the montage of the score, you can also some individual music cues, using the links below.

So take a listen when you get a chance, and let me know – was I able to pull the “semi-classical” style off?

Thanks – and enjoy!


Montage of Music Score:

Opening Theme (shortened)

“Students Study Marshall”

“The Long Wait”

“Marshall’s Anger”

“The Morning After”


“Testing Hope: Grade 12 in The New South Africa”

“Testing Hope” follows South African students as they prepare for the exams that they believe will determine their future. What hangs in the balance if students pass, and what awaits those who do not? How do they achieve their dreams in a country where so many obstacles remain?

Watch the film HERE

“Opening Theme”


“Cape Town”


“Results Day”