Project Description

That fabled wetland, the Florida Everglades is in trouble. For the past 150 years humankind has attempted to harness this enigmatic wilderness to serve its needs. Ironically, we have destroyed more than the beautiful natural habitat of a diverse flora and fauna. We have endangered ourselves.

The subject of the Everglades and its restoration is as vast and complex as the landscape itself.In this two-part episode of Water’s Journey, our scientists and explorers follow the path of the water from the headwaters just outside of Disney World in Orlando, to the Florida Keys. They learn about the history, the hydrology, the people who live and work on the land, its natural beauty and our efforts to restore and protect this great natural resource.


Opening Theme

“Quiet Swamp”

“This Thing Works!”


“Exotic Plants”

“Just One Left”

“Dramatic Dawn”


“Moving at Last”