Every few months I send out an email describing some project that I’ve just composed music for. Although I’m currently working on some great projects, I thought I’d use this time instead to let you know that I’m officially giving up.

Here’s what I mean –

A lot of my work over the years has been creating music for film and television. For some reason, I’ve never been wild about putting the video samples on my website. I guess I preferred that people listen to the music that I’ve created, instead of watching the video that I created the music for. But in the past few months, I must have gotten at least a dozen requests asking to see the video for which I’d composed the music.

So, I am now officially giving in. 😉 I’ve put up a new section on this website with video links to commercials, trailers, and over 50 complete films for which I’ve created the music. You can click HERE to go directly to the page listing the projects

So there you have it. Enjoy!