Most of the time that I write a blog I’m letting people know about a TV or film project for which I’ve composed music. That’s still (by far) the majority of work that I do.

But sometimes a project doesn’t have the time or budget to use all original music. A case in point is Discovery’s “Murder In The Heartland” series. Created by Ample Entertainment in LA and now in its fourth season, the shows are done well, done quickly, and done with limited budgets.

For this series, the directors/editors described to me the styles of music that they needed. I then sent them samples from my own library of music that I’ve composed over the years. They picked a number of similar sounding cues, and then based on their choices I composed more music in the same style, in effect creating a “custom music library” that they could easily use and edit. This solution may not have been quite as perfect as all-original score, but it was a much better way to go than having to rely solely on stock music.

Click HERE to take a listen to some of the music I delivered for this series. If you find that you have a hard time distinguishing my library cues from the original ones, I’ve done my job. 😉